Mission Statement

To combat disease, infection, and drug abuse by providing the world with innovative and cost-effective solutions in rapid diagnostics.

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    JAJ International’s purpose is to research, develop and commercialize the highest quality in Rapid In-Vitro Diagnostics. We push outdated standards to the curb with practical and innovative methods of development.


    JAJ International is a pioneer in technological breakthroughs, which allows us to continuously monitor and upgrade our development platforms in order to conform to the highest quality and regulatory standards.


    We manufacture a broad range of products that focus on Drug Abuse Detection, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Cardiology, Elisa Testing kits, CLIA Testing kits, Quantitative Readers, and Diabetes.


    Other client-customized products are available to ensure precise diagnoses. We are committed to providing testing devices at better or equal quality compared to similar products in the industry at a cost effective price.

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    Our commitment to highly sensitive & accurate diagnostics

    cut consumer costs and adds value by:


    • • Preventing misdiagnosis (false positives, false negatives, unclear results)
    • • Preventing the waste of medicines, treatment, hospital space and resources
    • • Avoid unnecessary patient suffering
    • • Avoiding malpractice claims and legal costs due to misdiagnosis
    • • Allowing consumers direct access to quality Point of Care (POC) services
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    Technology & Innovation


    Our success in rapid prototyping along with our cutting edge patented fabrication process allows us the flexibility to respond quickly to epidemic outbreaks and paradigm shifts in the global market.


    These products feature speed, accuracy, affordability, increased sensitivity, and one step testing. The benefits are increased through early prediction, thereby, shortening the window of diagnosis and enabling physicians and other healthcare providers to take appropriate action.

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    A Human Side in Diagnostics


    We believe and practice socially responsible principles by providing accurate diagnostics. Through our brand, QikTech, we protect what matters most: a patient’s strength and wellbeing.

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