Mission Statement

To combat disease, infection, and drug abuse by providing the world with innovative and cost-effective solutions in rapid diagnostics.

  • Our Guarantee | JAJ International, Inc.

    All rapid tests have a guaranteed 24-month shelf-life. Our highly sensitive, temperature tolerant and accurate diagnostics make it the longest shelf-life in the industry. This is the JAJ Standard.

  • Our Commitment | JAJ International, Inc.

    Our commitment to highly sensitive & accurate diagnostics

    cut consumer costs and adds value by:


    • • Preventing misdiagnosis (false positives, false negatives, unclear results)
    • • Preventing the waste of medicines, treatment, hospital space and resources
    • • Avoid unnecessary patient suffering
    • • Avoiding malpractice claims and legal costs due to misdiagnosis
    • • Allowing consumers direct access to quality Point of Care (POC) services

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