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To combat disease, infection, and drug abuse by providing the world with innovative and cost-effective solutions in rapid diagnostics.

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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor of JAJ International, Inc.


    Please fill out the following application form and submit your request electronically. We will contact you as soon as possible.


    200 different Products are available in over 80 countries

    The Americas: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Trinidad y Tobago, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay

    Middle East: Kosovo, Georgia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia

    Africa: Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia

    Asia: Afghanistan, India, China, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Czech Republic.


    For information on how to get products in your country, please contact us to find a distributor near you.


    You can also contact us by phone +1 (858) 866-0788

    or by email at info@jajinternational.com to discuss distribution opportunities with us.

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