Mission Statement

To combat disease, infection, and drug abuse by providing the world with innovative and cost-effective solutions in rapid diagnostics.

  • In Development | JAJ International, Inc.

    At JAJ International we are constantly adjusting our technology to combat the evolving needs of our clients. To learn more about our new innovations click here to contact us!

    Current Research & Development projects include:

    • Corona Virus IgG/IgM Rapid Test (10 min in Blood, Serum or Plasma)
    • Early Detection Zika Antigen Rapid Test (10 min in Blood)
    • Saliva Tuberculosis Rapid Test (10 minutes)
    • Improvement on Breast Cancer Rapid Test (Incorporating CA 27.29 to CA 15-3)
    • Improvement on Cervical Cancer Rapid Test (Incorporating HPV-18 to HPV-16)

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